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CARPÉ Games: Squirrel Smash (Experience Design Internship)

Summer 2020

During the Summer of 2020, I had the amazing opportunity to work at a startup game company as an Experience Design intern. My duties included designing and creating materials used to pitch to various game companies, brainstorming with the team to improve and build upon present and future game ideas, streamlining overall company productivity utilizing Google Drive tools, and assisting in coding the AR functionality of the game.

Check out what I created below!

CARPÉ Games App - Storefront Design

Created with Adobe XD and Canva. This app serves as the main hub for CARPÉ Games. The user can buy the system here, bundles, and individual games. With this app, they can access their game library and use this app to play on the AR headset.

Pitch Deck

Designed using Canva. Click here to view the full sample pitch deck that I created!

Empathy Map

Designed using Canva.

Hardware Layout Graphic

Designed using Canva.

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