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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Spring 2019 - VR for Games at UT.

Role: Designer/Producer

Using a Google Daydream compatible device, learn about some of the different constellations that fill the night sky! The game features simple-to-understand, connect-the-dots style gameplay, where the player connects a web of stars with the Daydream pointer and transforms it into a full constellation. Featuring three different scenes with increasing complexity, Astro-Dots offers players an ambient and educational experience to feel immersed in outer space and become more familiar with the astrological meaning behind Aries, Leo, and Pisces.


I worked on this project on team of 4 (2 programmers, 1 artist, 1 designer/producer). My role included working with Trello to create weekly milestones for the group, to ensure we were on track to finish in time. I worked with the team to maintain creative vision. Because the game is about astrology, I wanted to keep a consistent "space" mood with the purple colors, glowing elements, fonts, etc. I also designed the "flow" of the game, and wrote the information sheets when you complete the dot pattern.

Play our Game!

Made with Unity

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