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Loki - 3D Stealth Game

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Spring 2021

Role: Level Designer and World Builder


As part of my 3D Video Game Capstone course during my Spring 2021 semester, I worked on a team of eight to produce a stealth adventure game. In this game, you play as Loki, a shapeshifter and trickster, on a quest to steal ancient relics and gain the upper hand against the Aesir during the destructive events of Ragnarok.

As level designer and world builder on the team, I designed the core game mechanics, levels, as well as implemented art assets and adjusted enemy patrollers. My process included top-down sketching, white-boxing within Unity, placing art assets to create the world, and creating lighting/particle effects. As a team, we iterated on our idea frequently, calling for constant design decisions and prototypes on the go. Additionally, this was the first time I've designed a stealth game. After frequent research on the art of stealth game, I was able to balance the levels to give the player the right amount of suspense and accomplishment when they escape.

Below are some screenshots of my process:

Early white-box of tutorial level

Top-down layout of 2nd iteration tutorial level

Alley with art assets and lighting implemented

Play the game here!

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