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Snowy Level Design for a Zombie FPS

Summer 2021


For this 3D level, I worked within Unreal Engine to to create an interactive, suspenseful outdoor snowy environment where the player can explore this new area, discover the secrets of the zombies, and engage in head-to-head combat. There's plenty of room for the player to engage in combat and use the surrounding environment for cover, with interesting areas such as the graveyard, ravine, and village. Additionally, I wanted to create a linear level flow that increased in intensity over time, with resting points between potential combat scenarios.

In this interactive level, the player plays as a lone-survivor and hunter after an apocalyptic event cursed her world years ago. While no one knows how the event happened, this hunter is on a journey to survive, yet she seems to have found an unexpected symptom of this apocalypse--ice zombies. By exploring this area, she progressively encounters zombies until she reaches the main village, where secrets lie, and so does a massive zombie.

Video Walkthrough

Top-Down Layout Progression


This was submitted to Epic Games as a level design test.

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