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Core: A Mobile Racing Game

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

January 2020 - January 2021

Role: Lead Game Designer

Since January 2020, I've had the great opportunity to work as the game designer for a small indie studio, Subpar Software, on Core, an exciting online mobile racing game.


Below are my responsibilities as Game Designer:

  • Design the main layout and flow of the game via sketches in Photoshop

  • Implement white-boxes to test the game scene via Unity

  • Implement art assets into the game scene via Unity to build the world

  • Work with UI Artist to design the UI/UX of the main menu and login screen

  • Design achievements, in-game purchases, and cosmetics for the various hovercrafts in-game.

  • Design the narrative of the game and ensured it was intertwined within elements of gameplay

  • Research other popular competitive mobile games to create a robust rank and level system

  • Organize and create design, art, and marketing documentation and spreadsheets within Google Drive

Below are screenshots from my work on this project.

Initial Moodboard

Original Game Design Document (Google Docs)

Initial Top-Down Layouts (Photoshop)

Initial Whiteboxes and 3D Models (Unity and Blender)

Level Design Continued (Iterations)

Design Documents (Google Sheets)

UI Design Sketches (Photoshop)

Game Development Progress Screenshots

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