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Eden Island - A 2.5D Video Game

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Fall 2020 - Senior Design Projects

Role: Narrative and Game Designer


Eden Island is a 2.5D top-down visual narrative adventure where the player takes the role of a journalist named Rowan who is tasked with writing an article on Eden Island - supposedly the most sustainable place on earth. Explore Eden Island, perform tasks for villagers, and drive the story's direction through choice-based dialogue. Learn about the importance of social sustainability and its direct impact on the island's ecosystem. Will your interaction with the islanders provide the juicy story your boss seeks? Or will you instead help the island achieve its mission of sustainability?


For this course, I joined a team of five to tackle the topic: sustainable future. We all agreed that social sustainability (empathy, community, compassion) has a direct impact on all sub-topics of sustainability, and we wanted to portray that through an interactive, narrative-based video game. For my role, I created and wrote the story, and designed key player interactions around it. Our team was diverse in talent and specialization. We held brainstorming sessions often and my role consisted of creating narrative documents (including narrative diagrams and script) and working closely with the artists and sound engineer to ensure that the narrative remained consistent throughout all elements.

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