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Deliverance Dragon

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Spring 2019 - Level Design at UT.

Deliverance Dragon is a single player first-person adventure/puzzle fantasy game. It’s in a 3D underground, cavernous castle where the player can use the keyboard and mouse to play. I used pre-made assets including models and sound. I scripted all interactions, created particle effects and animations, and designed the level. Click here to view a PowerPoint detailing my process!

Assets Used:

Sounds: Background Music by Natentine (, Maz Nimra - Cave Dwellers, (Hidden Wall Opening, FOUND_KEY_01, Key Sound)

Assets: All Through Unity Asset Store: Decrepit Dungeon LITE, RPG Food & Drinks Pack, Toon RTS Demo, Torch, Key

Font: Dungeon by Saesarez Novandito

Made with Unity

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