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3D Game World - Japan

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Spring 2019 - Building Game Worlds at UT.

Here I will be showing my Unit 2 Final Project for the class Building Game Worlds. Our Unit 2 Final Assignment gave us free reign to design and create a game world of our choosing. My temple scene is based off the real world Japanese temple grounds called Eihō-ji. The scene is supposed to be a meditative, relaxing journey. The player starts in front of the bridge, moves onto a medium-sized temple, before ending at the large temple where their final destination lies.


First, I researched the actual location of this temple and decided how much of the area I wanted to create. We were also tasked with creating 3 meaningful points for the player if this were turned into an actual game. From reference pictures, I sketched the area I was going to place assets in.

For the next step, I constructed landmarks and buildings using a purchased Unity Asset Pack and sculpted the terrain for the area. After, I added foliage such as trees, bushes, flowers, etc. To finalize the project, I added post processing and tweaked the lighting to create a mid afternoon day. Falling cherry blossom leaves, water, and skybox animations were added to complete the scene.

Check out the final video below!

Some challenges I faced along the way was lighting and working with low-poly assets. Ultimately, I was able to implement sunset lighting that worked with the assets, and post-processing helped with dimension. Asset Used: POLYGON - Samurai Pack

Made with Unity

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