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Hero Hunter

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Spring 2020 - Video Game Prototyping at UT.

Role: Designer/Artist

Hero Hunter is a turned-based adventure RPG where the player takes the role of a low-level goblin who is tasked with hunting down the “good guys” - also known as the Heroes. The player starts their journey in their home dungeon, freshly conquered by Hero forces. The goblin swears vengeance, and must fight their way through lowly squires, strong knights, and relentless commanders in order to make it to their destination: King Hero’s Castle. The player traverses through the map to find and overcome their next obstacle all while becoming the strongest monster who can finally defeat the King Hero.


For the first half of the development of this game, we created a paper prototype. This paper prototype was a turn-based dice combat game, where the player would progress through the map and defeat these knights. This paper prototype was almost exactly like the virtual game, however we tweaked the combat system to be more clear and visual.

I designed the combat UI / system and would have preferred for it to be a spinning circle and you have to click in a certain spot to "hit" in order to give the game some skill requirement, but as this is a prototype not all of the game features were able to be added.

I also constructed some of the scene such as adding colliders, adding UI text/buttons, and particle effects.

Progress Screenshots (Paper Prototype to Basic Scene Creation)

Final Screenshots

Design Documents

Paper DD:

Download PDF • 847KB

Final DD:

Hero Hunter Design Doc (1)
Download PDF • 846KB

Play our Game!

Mac Build:

HeroHunter Mac
Download ZIP • 30.74MB

Windows Build:

Hero Hunter Build
Download ZIP • 31.07MB

Asset Credits

Made with Unity

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