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Storybook Library: Giant's Causeway

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Spring 2020 - Video Game Prototyping at UT

Role: Set Dresser / World Builder / Level Designer

Storybook Library: Giant’s Causeway is a 2D platformer video game where you play as a girl who finds a giant library full of legends and tales around the world. The player selects a book, called Giants Causeway, and is transported to Ireland where they must discover and play out the story of the man who discovers a giant. After the man see’s this giant, the man must run back to the safety of his home and pretend to be a baby to ward off the giant.

The players main goal is to discover the story book and learn about the tales of Ireland. In doing so, the player must discover and face a giant. In order to successfully escape from the giant, the player must pretend to be a baby in order to scare off the giant and make it believe there are giant babies inhabiting the other side of the causeway.


For the first phase of making this game prototype I set up simple white-boxes so that the programmer could being coding interactions. Additionally, by using this white-box I can use this as an outline for placing art assets.

I had the role of level designer for this project, so I made sure to clearly lay out the beginning library scene where you play at the girl, and the storybook scene where you play as Finn. I also wrote the game design document.

I wanted to go for a cartoon-feel for the game. I initially wanted to make my own assets but realized I didn't have much experience nor time so for this project I took the role of set dresser and gathered assets that I could use in the scene. I did however, make the crib asset as pixel art to fit the theme. 

I used many different sources, so here are the websites / links that I used:

For some of these, I changed the color to fit the look and feel of the game. Additionally, I added an animation to the book in the first scene so that it appears "magical" and floats. 

Overall, I learned a lot about how to find multiple assets and make them fit cohesively, which is definitely needed for a game prototype if you aren't necessarily and artist (like me). Check out these screenshots to see more of the art in game!

Final Screenshots

Play our Game!

Mac Build:

Storybook Library_Mac_Build
Download ZIP • 24.71MB

Windows Build:

Storybook Library_Windows_Build
Download ZIP • 21.99MB

Game Design Document:

Download • 708KB

Made with Unity

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